Restaurants & Bars

The hotel offers a choice of 8 bars, lounges and restaurants serving an eclectic selection of irresistible cuisine to suit every plate, be a tempting snack, light bite, or gourmet dining experience. Each outlet features contemporary and welcoming decor and design, exuding an atmosphere of sheer elegance, comfort, and intoxicating ambience, complemented by spectacular views of the gently flowing river and shimmering pool.

Guest will be spoilt for choice with a host of dining options including mouthwatering international seafood buffets, delectable specialty dishes or an intimate candlelit dinner, while your visit will be complete relaxing and enjoying one of our Master Mixologists’ signature cocktails and a tasty treat amidst the lush tropical greenery by the poolside, and evening spent unwinding with our nightly entertainment or a genteel afternoon tea at the Lobby Lounge.