Wat Kalayanamitr

On the west bank of the river in Thonburi District lies Wat Kalayanamitr, the “true friend” temple. Its distinctive elaborate roof is tinted with gold, orange, red and green and along with the main hall and its surrounding ornate structures forms a temple compound worth visiting.

The “true friend” of the temple was Chao Phraya Nikon Bodin, an 18th Century nobleman with ties to King Rama III, who donated his land to establish the temple. In honor of his memory, a chedi containing his relics was erected and a poem on the grounds sings his praises.

At Wat Kalayanamitr Buddhists focus on puja – devotional acts that include bowing, chanting and making offerings. The temple has expansive monks’ residences and one of Bangkok’s largest Buddhist libraries, making it a very active center for the local Buddhist community.